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Wood grain varies from very light to very dark, patterned to unpatterned. Each headphone is unique.

Royale' Creative

Meze 11 Deco earphones

$79 - in stock

The 11 Deco is designed for those who already have a musical identity and highlights the role that earphones play as a iconic item. Machined aluminum and beech wood body and an 8mm driver deliver a crystal clear sound suitable for all styles of music.

Royale' Creative

Meze 11 Classics earphones

$79 - in stock

The 11 Classics earphones are the most portable of our Classics series combining high-end audio quality with portability and style. With 8mm custom driver and a stylish ebony wood housing, they are ideal for the street-wise music lover.

Royale' Creative

Meze 88 Classics

$309 satin wood finish - in stock
$309 gloss wood finish - in stock

Our top of the range headphones are created for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The 88's offer a warm and natural sound due to its construction and wood housing. The headband has suspension support for perfect fit and prolonged listening comfort.

Royale' Creative

Meze 73 Classics

$239 satin wood finish - in stock
$239 gloss wood finish - in stock

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our Classics headphones range. Padded headband for long listening hours and soft isolating ear pads make this an ideal headphone for music affectionados.

Royale' Creative

Meze 66 Classics

$149 satin wood finish - in stock
$149 gloss wood finish - in stock

Versatile-use, on-the-ear headphones: A distinct sound and style in the mid-sized headphones range. Wood cups help create a natural balanced tone. The lightweight but strong headband can be folded very efficiently for storage and transportation.

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

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